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September 4, 2008

To Whom It Concerns,

I am writing regarding a long-time friend and colleague of mine, Jim Weaver.  While this communication comes upon request from Jim, I am more than pleased to write it as Jim has been both a productive employee of mine and trusted ally in our industry.

I opened Precision Siding & Construction in the 1980s, modestly starting in outreaches of Colorado not serviced by the big companies of the Denver metro area.  Since then, Precision has become the big company – not only in the Denver metro area, but in 14 Western states.

I am happy to report that Jim has played a significant role in that growth over the last couple of decades.  Jim has served two tenures here at Precision, and on both occasions, he has shown an exemplary performance record as an in-home sales professional.

Jim is what I like to refer to as a student of our industry.  His ability to adapt and grow in a rapidly-changing environment represents a major key to his success over the years.  Additionally, Jim has been integral in developing new approaches to the direct-sales arena and finding new and creative methodologies for converting finite supplies of leads into quality sales.

Personally, I have known Jim for many years and it was my pleasure to have him under my employ.  He is a positive individual and a forward-thinker.   As times have changed over the years, I always knew Jim was a guy I could rely on for consistency and diligence in his work.

If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at the company at 303.289.7952.

Best Regards,

Jeff Woodward,
President & CEO,
Precision Siding & Construction


“Jim was my Transportation Brokering agent for one of my products. The contracted shipper then created a big problem and damage of my shipped product. Jim worked for me to get the problem to the right people to get the problem fixed. It took some time to correct the problem, but with Jim’s efforts he did get my problem solved to my satisfaction.” June 22, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time

Dennis Hotz
hired Jim Weaver as a Transportation Brokering Agent in 2007

President at Mainstreet Siding Supply, Inc

1 visible recommendation for this position: [ Edit ]

“Jim is a relentless salesman, a great manager who understands people and clients. He is great to work with an for.” October 6, 2008

Gerton Westerop , IT Service Management sr. solution architect , HP
was a consultant or contractor to Jim Weaver at Mainstreet Siding Supply

N. Texas Sales & Marketing Mgr. at Brennan Enterprises

7 visible recommendations for this position: [ Edit ]

“Jim Weaver was a pleasure to deal with when deciding who to hire to install siding on my home. He was very informative, answered all my questions, and made the whole process a breeze. The work was done by experts at their craft and my wife and I are very impressed with the end result. I would recommend Jim to anybody who is looking for a quality job done right.” October 26, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Joshua Martin
hired Jim Weaver as a Home Siding in 2008


“Jim shows true professionalism, even when faced with extreme adversity. His ability and motivation to cordinate logistical nightmares consistantly exceeds my greatest expectations.” June 22, 2009

Thomas Leaman , Owner , Landstar – Ranger
reported to Jim Weaver at J T Logistics Corp.

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