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Lifetime Building Products

Construction industry

May 1992 – May 1999 (7 years 1 month)

To Whom It May Concern: James D. Weaver (Jim) was employed by LIFETIME BUILDING PRODUCTS in Greeley, Colorado during the years 1992 thru 1999. He distinguished himself in sales during that time with annual sales in excess of one million dollars in his first year and every year after. Jim took a big part in our company’s advertising strategies. I credited him with saving the company plenty of money by watching the individual performance results of each marketing effort, and by repeating our successful efforts while stopping our advertising losers. Jim’s in-home sales presentation is thorough and polished. He listens carefully, makes notes on things which are important to his customer and comes back to address customer-specific needs. During my absence Jim could step in and handle the management duties associated with the duties of sales manager or the duties of expediter. I will be pleased to accept a phone call from you at any time to answer any question you might have that I have not addressed here. (Bill Barr 970-381-2559 ) Yours Truly, LIFETIME BUILDING PRODUCTS (sold in 2005 )

“In the summer of 2008 we contracted with Jim’s company for a major exterior remodel of our residence. During the initial interview, Jim took the necessary time to present us with the various options available to us and to recommend cost-effective alternatives to our original material specifications. This interview with Jim persuaded us that his proposal was the right way to go, so we canceled all of our remaining RFP’s and engaged Brennan Enterprises to perform the work. Once he had landed the sale, Jim didn’t simply disappear and move on to the next prospect. He remained in continuous contact with us to ensure that the work was progressing to our satisfaction. He went out of his way to fully acquaint us with all pertinent details of a major change order made necessary by the discovery of a structural deficiency in our home. The finished work was of the highest quality, was performed expeditiously, and conformed in every respect with Jim’s initial representations to us. My wife and I are delighted to recommend Jim Weaver as a point of contact with any contracting company he may choose to represent.” June 14, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Michael Tully
hired Jim Weaver as a General Contractor in 2008


“Jim was the ultimate professional. He was friendly, gave us the information, answered our questions, but was never pushing or arrogant. I would recommend Jim to anyone.” February 19, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value

Larry Venable
hired Jim Weaver as a Sales in 2009


“Jim is one of the most professional and hardworking businessman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is also part of my immediate family and has been my sister’s fiance’ and has been for 3 years. When my father died in 2007 Jim dedicated his time and to save my family’s inheritance. He sub-contracted repairs and personally refurbished our family’s old house using his own resources and often his own money. After the initial crime scene investigation was concluded and the house was cleared for re-entry, Jim almost single-handedly saved my sisters and I thousands of dollars with good business practices. I will always be grateful to Mr. Jim Weaver for his knowledge, kindness, and honesty. When we conceded partial control of the estate to his control; every dollar spent saved us two fold in the end. I will always recommend Mr. Weaver as a businessman, associate, and as a friend to anyone who needs his expertise in home restoration.” October 22, 2008

Chris Fisher , Land Surveyor , Willbros Engineers, Inc.
was a consultant or contractor to Jim Weaver at Brennan Enterprises


“Jim helped me pick out and then sold me siding for my house. He was knowledgeable about the siding and worked with me on the price. So far, my experience with Brennan Enterprises has been a positive one.” October 7, 2008

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , On Time

Janel Diehl
hired Jim Weaver as a Home Siding in 2008


“I guess the thing that impressed me the most about Mr. Weaver is that when he first came to my house to give me an estimate, was that instead of extolling the benefits of using him and the company he represented first, he spent the time and interest in finding out just what it was that I wanted!! Only after he had taken the time to understand fully just what it was that I was looking for, did he then make suggestions to me to fulfill just what it was that I wanted. By doing this, he impressed me and gave me the feeling of being able to TRUST a “salesman”. How refreshing that was! Mr. Weaver is quite personable, and definitely made me feel that he is honest and can be trusted to do what he said he would do and when he would do it. I WILL contact Jim the next time I need any maintenance work done on my home first to if they do whatever it is that I need. Tom Dragoo” September 1, 2008

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

Tom Dragoo
hired Jim Weaver as a Sales rep for Siding installation company in 2008


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